The anatomy of a great logo

Your logo is a small thing with a very big job. It’s the face of your business. You want people to look at it and instantly think of you and feel positive about what you can offer them. That’s why it’s important to have a great one. But what makes a logo great? Let’s look at the different elements.

It should be unique

You might really love a big-name brand’s logo and want to emulate it, but having your logo look like someone else’s completely defeats the purpose of having one. You want customers to think of you as soon as they see it – not someone else! Having a logo that’s too similar to another company’s will make you look unoriginal at best, and a bit dodgy at worst. So make sure your logo is easily identifiable and 100% uniquely you.

It should represent your business

Having a logo that doesn’t match your product or service is going to confuse potential customers, and perhaps even put them off. For example, if you’re retailing children’s toys, you don’t want a logo that’s formal and corporate – you want something that’s fun and playful and full of bright colours, like the products you sell. Conversely, if you’re a bank, a jokey multi-coloured logo is likely to make people worry that you’re not serious about protecting their money.

It should be versatile

These days the situations in which your logo is used are many and diverse. From websites to social media icons, packaging, stationery, email signatures and even favicons (the little icon that pops up beside your url in a browser address bar) – it needs to work whether it’s on top of a building or just a few pixels high. It also needs to work on different coloured backgrounds and various materials.

It should be appealing

Great logos use the fundamentals of design like colour, balance, alignment, and shape. Whether you use a wordmark or an icon, if it’s attractive to look at, it’ll appeal to your audience and have a better chance of sticking in their minds.

A top-notch logo enhances your brand and portrays your business as professional and legitimate. Getting one created for you by a trained designer is an investment in your company and your future that will pay for itself many times over.

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