Powle & Hodson – Case Study

The challenge:

When Simon Palmer from Palmer & Associates decided to move on, it instigated a time of exciting change for his firm of lawyers. They wanted a fresh start with a new brand, but with that came the challenge of retaining a connection with the past and with their existing clients.

The solution:

Donna and Nick approached Brandstorm to rebrand the company to Powle & Hodson Lawyers.

Together, they went through the Logo Development Briefing process and the steps to successful logo development. By listening carefully to Donna and Nick’s requirements, Brandstorm was able to create a strong, contemporary new logo with a bit of “boom” that still retained the essence of Palmer & Associates.

The outcome:

It was important to recognise the more than 22 years of history that Palmer & Associates had created. Brandstorm delivered on the request to keep that history alive by carrying forward the existing green colour and stylising part of a shape used in the previous logo. The new logo was one that spoke to their market, and it was launched with full buy-in from the Palmer & Hodson team. They embraced their new brand, asking Brandstorm to infuse it throughout the company, applying it to the building signage, letterhead, compliments slips, business cards, website, and even the office décor.

Powle & Hodson discovered that, by following a comprehensive branding process, it was possible to move forward with a fresh new look without losing their connection to the past.


Nic Ebert – Case Study

The challenge:

Nic Ebert is a successful real estate agent, based on Auckland’s North Shore. Leading his own team in a competitive market full of motivated star agents developing personal brands, Nic needed a brand to take him to the next level and set him apart from the competition. While he already had a logo, it wasn’t working for him effectively, and his whole brand identity was a bit disjointed.

The solution:

When Nic visited Brandstorm, he went through the Logo Development Briefing process and the steps to successful logo development. This helped Brandstorm understand how Nic and his team wanted to present themselves to the world. By taking the time to understand Nic, learn about his career and where he wanted to take “Team Nic Ebert”, they were able to uncover the essence of his personal brand.

Using their knowledge of Nic and his goals, Brandstorm developed a new logo, collateral, personal profile and marketing material, and infused them with Nic’s brand values. Nic now had a brand that spoke volumes about him: bold, elite, successful and professional. It set him apart as an agent with “the real difference”.

The outcome:

Not long after rolling out the new brand, Nic’s team began to increase both their productivity and their results. While they had always worked hard and achieved success, the new look, feel and messaging of the revitalised Nic Ebert brand motivated them to reach new heights. Using Brandstorm’s strategy for an Elite Personal Profile, Nic and the team won a pitch for five million dollars’ worth of listings.

Nic’s story is a great example of the power of a personal brand that stands out.

Dickson Grey Electrical – Case Study

The challenge:

Dickson Grey Electrical (Contractors & Engineers) is a company with a proud history spanning more than 45 years. They’ve completed everything from large projects with Auckland Airport and Fonterra to smaller projects like The Poynton, covering everything from huge installations to service and maintenance contracts.

Their logo was as old as the company; it was created by one of the directors when they first went into business and had never been refreshed. What started out as a stop-gap measure had fallen into the “good enough” category. Employees were increasingly struggling to related to the company and brand, and it had started to cost them work, as the face they presented to the market was old fashioned and tired. Dickson Grey Electrical knew they needed help to develop a logo and a brand that reflected not only the company of today but could them into the future.

The solution:

When Dickson Grey Electrical approached Brandstorm, they didn’t really know where to start, but their brief was simple. “Our logo old is as old as the hills,” and, “We need something that’s fresh, modern and reflects who we are.”

Brandstorm quickly identified that they needed a logo with energy, and a brand that talked to their current clients, potential clients and employees. Brandstorm took Dickson Grey Electrical through the Logo Development Briefing process and the steps to successful logo development. They collected feedback from the company’s clients and discovered that many of them had started to use the abbreviation DGE for simplicity. After developing three concepts and working with DGE to refine their preferred one, the resulting new look and feel was very excitedly received by the board, management and the staff.

The Outcome:

After introducing the new, energised logo to DGE, Brandstorm infused the brand into the company. Everything was refreshed, from the building and vehicle signage to the uniforms, stationery, company website and office décor. Brandstorm delivered DGE exactly the results they needed, with enthusiastic buy-in from their staff and a hugely positive reception from their existing customers. They now have a strong, cohesive brand that talks to their market and is ready to launch them into the next 45 years.

DGE’s story shows that even well-established brand can reap huge rewards from a fresh new look.

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